Who We Are

Changing the Channels is sponsored by Comenius Foundation, an independent nonprofit that uses the media to promote faith, learning and love. Comenius Foundation seeks to influence the television industry to produce more positive, socially responsible television.

We do not favor censorship, but advocate for industry responsibility. We believe firmly in the First Amendment and the free expression of art and ideas; but we oppose the misuse of the First Amendment for commercial gain when it harms children and our society.

We are especially concerned with changes that irresponsibly push adult programming and promotion on children; with the promotion of adult fare to too-young audiences; and with the normalization of crude aggressive behavior that is callous to the feelings and needs of others.

What We Do

Changing the Channels is intended to provide information for parents, grandparents, and teachers about the impact of television on children and our society. Just as important, Changing the Channels provides information about what you can do to make a difference!

Comenius Foundation is also developing an important initiative to influence top decisionmakers in the television industry, the TV Ethics program. This comprehensive program will include a national conference on Ethics in Television, a quarterly newsletter for producers and executives, and a roster of consultants that can help programmers tailor programming for the families.

Help Support This Important Effort!

Unlike the many past efforts that have failed to produce any real changes, the TV Ethics campaign will be secular in nature, focusing on business ethics and how networks and advertisers can make positive programming into good business.

Comenius Foundation is headed by the Rev. John P. Jackman, an award-winning television producer and speaker.

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