The Effects of Television
   Television Violence
   Television Sexuality
   Impact on Self-image
   Television Vulgarity
   Intense & Disturbing Images
   Passive TV Watching
   Effects of Commercialism

The Television Business
   Selling Eyeballs
   Youth, Youth, Youth!
   Corporate Suits
   Out of Touch
   Social Responsibility

What About Video Games?

Media Consolidation
   Current & Potential Effects
   The FCC and Deregulation
   History of Deregulation

Articles for Parents
   Control Viewing
   Use TV Positively
   Talk Back!
   Limit Commercialism
   What About the V-Chip?

Articles for Teachers
   Use Media Education
   Use TV Positively
   Stanford University Study
   Stanford Curriculum

What You Can Do!
   Control Your TV Watching
   Join Changing
   Write TV Executives!
   Write TV Advertisers!
   Write the FCC!

What Denominations Say


That's Entertainment?
by Steve Allen
The late veteran entertainer laments the decline of his profession.

Images of Violence Warp Young Minds
by the Rev. John Jackman
Winston-Salem Journal, April 28, 1999

How I Discovered Our Favorite Shows Warp Our Self-Image
by Sara McGovern
Reading Eagle. July 18, 2006

Socially Responsible Media
by the Rev. John Jackman
Will September 11 Make A Difference in Media Violence?

Talking Back to TV
by Steven Isaac
Why Now Is a Prime Time to Make Your Voice Heard
Plugged In, November 2001

The Death of Local News
By Paul Schmelzer
AlterNet, April 23, 2003

Who Will Speak in the Public Interest?
by the Rev. John Jackman
Media deregulation threatens free exchange of information
Winston-Salem Journal, March 9, 2002

Giving Away the Marketplace of Ideas
by Tom Shales
Washington Post - Monday, June 2, 2003

Why They Whine
by Gary Ruskin, Commercial Alert
How Corporations Prey on our Children

Talk Back To TV!
by the Rev. John Jackman
The Moravian Magazine, October, 1999